Practical Information

Covering an area of ​​112,622 sq. km, Benin is bordered to the West by Togo, to the East by Nigeria, to the North by Niger and Burkina Faso and to the South by the Atlantic Ocean. The Gulf of Benin harbours many beaches. The political capital is Porto Novo, while Cotonou is the economic hub, with a competitive port.

Practical information

  • Currency: The currency is CFA Franc (1 Euro equals 655.95 CFA Francs). You can make changes at your arrival to the airport. Several banks and exchange offices in Cotonou are authorized for the exchange of currencies and travellers checks. Credit cards are not widely used in the country, except in hotels and some restaurants and shops.
  • Climate: The climate is tropical, hot and humid on the vast majority of the territory, with some variations according to seasons and regions. The North of the country consists mostly of savannah and mountains with a semi-arid climate, while the South consists of a low coastal plain with many swamps, lakes and lagoons.
  • Health: An International Vaccination Certificate or World Health Organization card is required.
  • Vaccinations: Three vaccinations are required for Benin: yellow fever, meningitis and typhoid. It is also advisable to be immunized against hepatitis and cholera. Also ensure protection against tuberculosis, tetanus and malaria.
  • Electricity: 220V
  • Transport:

Transport in Cotonou and in cities across the country is provided by motorcycle taxis commonly called “Zémidjan” recognizable by their shirts in various colours depending on the city (yellow in Cotonou). You also can rent cars for your trips.

  • Telecommunications: In the field of telecommunications, in addition to the incumbent telephone operator “Benin Telecom Infrastructures SA”, with its 4G branch “be. Telecoms”, there are five mobile operators, namely:



Libercom: 01 BP 5959 Cotonou Benin Tel: + 229 21 31 46 68 or 21 31 69 02

Bell Benin:

Glo Benin:

You can subscribe to one of these operators as soon as you arrive at the airport upon presentation of identification. Phone calls abroad are easy from Cotonou. Cyber ​​café are available in major cities.

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