Consular & Community Affairs Decentralization & Diaspora

The Section for Consular and Cultural Affairs, Decentralization and Diaspora (SACCDD) is responsible for:

  • handling consular issues including visas, passports, authentication or certification of documents;
  • initiating and following up the procedure for appointing Consuls;
  • monitoring the activities of Honorary Consuls and matters related to their evaluation;
  • handling issues of passport trafficking and illegal acts involving Beninese nationals;
  • ensuring the implementation of diplomatic protection;
  • monitoring judicial issues concerning Beninese nationals or issues relating to national interests in the countries in the jurisdiction;
  • managing matters related to scholarships and internships;
  • dealing with matters concerning the activities of the International Francophone Organisation (OIF);
  • initiating cultural activities;
  • representing the Embassy in the activities of the African Group organized in Copenhagen;
  • ensuring the promotion of Benin culture in the countries in the jurisdiction;
  • explore Non-Governmental Organizations and other members of the Civil Society which may contribute to local development in the municipalities of Benin;
  • identifying potential members of the Beninese Diaspora in the countries in the Embassy’s jurisdiction;
  • developing partnership relations with the Beninese Diaspora living in countries under the jurisdiction of the Embassy, ​​in order to optimize their contribution to national development in accordance with the provisions of the Development Pact concluded with the Diaspora on June 19, 2014;
  • performing all other duties assigned.