Administrative, Financial Affairs & Equipment

The Section for Administrative and Financial Affairs and Equipment (SAAFM) is responsible for:

  • managing the human resources of the Embassy;
  • monitoring career management for the civil servants posted to the Embassy;
  • ensuring administrative management of “Local Recruited” staff (French-Danish interpreter and translator, secretaries, drivers, usher, receptionist, concierge and housekeeper);
  • ensuring reception and dispatch of diplomatic bags together with the Head of Mission;
  • collecting and liquidating the revenue;
  • engaging and liquidating the Embassy’s spending;
  • negotiating and managing leases for staff apartments;
  • negotiating and managing maintenance contracts;
  • negotiating labour contracts with locally recruited staff;
  • keeping administrative accounts on behalf of the Authorizing Officer retracing commitments, authorizations of expenditures and issuing of receipts;
  • managing material resources owned by the Embassy and keeping stock accounts;
  • performing all other duties assigned.

The Financial Attaché shall carry out his/her duties as Accountant within SAAFM while ensuring compliance with rules and principles of public finances. As such, he/she is responsible for:

  • cashing or collecting income of all kinds;
  • paying the expenses of the Embassy;
  • keeping the accounts of the Diplomatic Post in accordance with Government chart of accounts;
  • keeping sub-ledger accounting on revenue and expenditure under the budget nomenclature;
  • assuming the role of Financial Controller Delegate in connection with the execution of expenditure;
  • performing all other duties assigned.