Honorary Consulate of Benin in Helsinki

Finland 2

Honorary Consul: Mr Juha Vakkuri
Annankatu 31-33 E 67, 00100 Helsinki, Finland
Consul’s telephone: +358-40-5812 248
Secretariat: +358-9-2783 898
E-mail: juha.vakkuri@gmail.com
Website: www.benin.fi

View Mr. Juha Vakkuri’s CV here.


Honorary Consuls are the connecting links for the Embassy of Benin in their consular districts. They are the closest contact for the Beninese Community living in their region or on business in their consular district.

Honorary Consuls of Benin assume administrative, economic, cultural, scientific, humanitarian and tourism-related duties.

Concerning administrative issues, the Honorary Consul is entitled to:

  • register Beninese nationals residing in their consular district;
  • register births among Beninese nationals within ten (10) days from birth;
  • register deaths among Beninese nationals in their country of residence;
  • collect and forward passport applications from Beninese nationals to the Embassy of Benin in Copenhagen;
  • under the supervision of the Head of Mission,  issue visas and any other documents necessary for investors, tourists and other applicants travelling to Benin;
  • legalize administrative documents such as birth, marriage and death certificates;
  • provide administrative assistance to nationals of Benin, especially in case of death, arrest or imprisonment and possibly provide them with legal assistance in court, in compliance with the laws and regulations of the country of residence;
  • act as a Notary Public in favour of Beninese nationals, subject to the laws and regulations of the country of residence;
  • regarding economic and commercial issues, the Honorary Consul may:
  • initiate or actively support all actions promoting growth of foreign direct investments or the development of economic, cultural, scientific, humanitarian and tourism relations between the country of residence and Benin.

As such, the Honorary Consul may provide interested persons in the country of residence with useful information about economy, tourism and others in Benin. If a partnership is to be concluded, he/she can provide information obtained from the Embassy, ​​especially regarding the legal status, morality, solvency or reputation of the persons concerned;

He / She may also provide assistance to any Beninese national whose rights are violated or interests prejudiced. He / She may assist them in doing business subject to the laws and regulations of the country of residence;

In general, the Honorary Consul of Benin watches over the interests of Benin and of its nationals (natural and legal persons).