The Embassy of the Republic of Benin in Denmark is the only Diplomatic Mission of the Republic of Benin covering all the countries in Northern Europe (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway), the Republic of Iceland and the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). The Embassy is resident in Copenhagen and aims to promote the friendly ties and cooperation between each of the countries under its jurisdiction and Benin. The Embassy is also in charge of consular issues as well as the organization of the Beninese Diaspora for their contribution to the development of the Nation.
My ambition as the Head of this Diplomatic Mission is to carry on existing relationships in order to promote the multifaceted assets of the cooperation between Nordic and Baltic countries and the Republic of Benin, and to secure the contribution of the Beninese Diaspora in the Embassy’s jurisdiction to the national development.
It is within this framework that the Embassy offers you this website which provides all users with first-hand information on the organization of the Mission, the Institutions of the Republic of Benin, investment opportunities and many others.
To all the users of the Embassy of Benin in Copenhagen, I bid welcome and I invite them to make full use of our services.

Eusèbe Agbangla