The Embassy


1- The Reception and Protocol Section (SAP) is responsible for:

  • ensuring the reception of users;
  • coordinating all protocol activities of the Embassy through monitoring Ambassador programs, participation of Embassy staff in meetings, management of invitations and other events;
  • meeting personalities at the airport and organizing their stay in Denmark;
  • ensuring compliance with the privileges and immunities of Embassy staff;
  • performing all other duties assigned.

2- The Section for Interpretation, Translation, Communication and Press (SITCP) is responsible for:

  • maintaining relations between the press and the Embassy;
  • ensuring more visibility to the activities of the Embassy through the press, the Embassy’s website and official pages on social media;
  • translating official or public documents for the Embassy;
  • submitting daily press reviews to the Head of Mission;
  • organizing media coverage for the Embassy’s activities;
  • providing interpretation during audiences or visits by Beninese personalities;
  • performing all other duties assigned.

3- The Section for Political and Legal Affairs (SAPJ) is responsible for:

  • monitoring and analyzing developments in domestic politics in the eight (08) countries in the Embassy’s jurisdiction;
  • ensuring political intelligence as part of efforts to strengthen bilateral cooperation with countries in the jurisdiction;
  • handling political and judicial issues linked to the management of cooperation with the countries in the jurisdiction;
  • handling disputes related to leases of apartments rented by the Embassy, jointly with the Section for Administrative and Financial Affairs and Equipment (SAAFM);
  • reviewing all contracts drafted by the Embassy and giving its opinion before signing;
  • reviewing Agreements to be concluded as part of cooperation with countries in the Embassy’s jurisdiction, jointly with the relevant Sections of the Embassy;
  • interpreting the provisions of an Agreement or a contract being enforced;
  • performing all other duties assigned.

4- The Section for Economic and Commercial Affairs and Marketing (SAECM) is responsible for:

  • assisting Beninese businessmen in the conclusion of business partnerships with their counterparts in the Embassy’s jurisdiction;
  • working for the development of cooperation Agreements in the economic and commercial field jointly with SAPJ;
  • ensuring economic intelligence, for the promotion of foreign investments from countries in the Embassy’s jurisdiction to Benin;
  • monitoring of projects agreed on with partners or initiated by the Embassy;
  • ensuring marketing for the promotion of handicrafts, and agricultural, cultural and commercial products and others from Benin in the countries in the jurisdiction;
  • handling issues of economy and trade-related cybercrime;
  • managing fairs and exhibitions;
  • performing all other duties assigned.

5- The Section for Consular and Cultural Affairs, Decentralization and Diaspora (SACCDD) is responsible for:

  • handling consular issues including visas, passports, authentication or certification of documents;
  • initiating and following up the procedure for appointing Consuls;
  • monitoring the activities of Honorary Consuls and matters related to their evaluation;
  • handling issues of passport trafficking and illegal acts involving Beninese nationals;
  • ensuring the implementation of diplomatic protection;
  • monitoring judicial issues concerning Beninese nationals or issues relating to national interests in the countries in the jurisdiction;
  • managing matters related to scholarships and internships;
  • dealing with matters concerning the activities of the International Francophone Organisation (OIF);
  • initiating cultural activities;
  • representing the Embassy in the activities of the African Group organized in Copenhagen;
  • ensuring the promotion of Benin culture in the countries in the jurisdiction;
  • explore Non-Governmental Organizations and other members of the Civil Society which may contribute to local development in the municipalities of Benin;
  • identifying potential members of the Beninese Diaspora in the countries in the Embassy’s jurisdiction;
  • developing partnership relations with the Beninese Diaspora living in countries under the jurisdiction of the Embassy, ​​in order to optimize their contribution to national development in accordance with the provisions of the Development Pact concluded with the Diaspora on June 19, 2014;
  • performing all other duties assigned.

6- The Section for Administrative and Financial Affairs and Equipment (SAAFM) is responsible for:

  • managing the human resources of the Embassy;
  • monitoring career management for the civil servants posted to the Embassy;
  • ensuring administrative management of “Local Recruited” staff (French-Danish interpreter and translator, secretaries, drivers, usher, receptionist, concierge and housekeeper);
  • ensuring reception and dispatch of diplomatic bags together with the Head of Mission;
  • collecting and liquidating the revenue;
  • engaging and liquidating the Embassy’s spending;
  • negotiating and managing leases for staff apartments;
  • negotiating and managing maintenance contracts;
  • negotiating labour contracts with locally recruited staff;
  • keeping administrative accounts on behalf of the Authorizing Officer retracing commitments, authorizations of expenditures and issuing of receipts;
  • managing material resources owned by the Embassy and keeping stock accounts;
  • performing all other duties assigned.

The Financial Attaché shall carry out his/her duties as Accountant within SAAFM while ensuring compliance with rules and principles of public finances. As such, he/she is responsible for:

  • cashing or collecting income of all kinds;
  • paying the expenses of the Embassy;
  • keeping the accounts of the Diplomatic Post in accordance with Government chart of accounts;
  • keeping sub-ledger accounting on revenue and expenditure under the budget nomenclature;
  • assuming the role of Financial Controller Delegate in connection with the execution of expenditure;
  • performing all other duties assigned.