Benin and Norway have established and maintained diplomatic relations since 1960. Cooperation between the two countries has remained at an embryonic stage but has nevertheless resulted in some achievements both politically and economically.

Since the establishment of cooperation between Benin and Norway, various actions of economic and trade cooperation have been carried out by Norway for the benefit of Benin, the brightest of which are:

  • debt forgiveness by the Kingdom of Norway in the SAGA PETROLEUM project;
  • training Beninese officials in maritime areas and oil research;
  • the actions of Norwegian companies in the field of oil exploration in Benin.

In this framework, Norwegian companies or others with Norwegian capital are operating directly or indirectly in Benin in the oil industry and energy, such as Halliburton AS, ApplyRig And Moduls, Brunel Energy Europe, Professional Resources Limited, Scancem International, AS Norske Shell, etc.

  • The availability of Norway to work for the dismantling of the oil platform in Sèmè, Benin. For this purpose, the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) has commissioned a feasibility study by POYRY ENERGY from UK. The report of this study did not take into account the environmental impact; therefore further study was commissioned by the World Bank. The report is available, NORAD will decide as soon as possible of its support for the financing of decommissioning operations of the said platform.
  • Benin is one of the 32 African partner countries of EAF-Nansen Project which is the recent phase of a single program lasting 40 years, to support the implementation of an ecosystem approach in the management of marine fisheries. Overseen by FAO and funded by NORAD, the EAF-Nansen project is coordinated in Benin by the Ministry for agriculture and fisheries and aims to improve beach seine fishing in the coastal waters of participating countries.
  • Discussions with officials from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD), to support the financing of the dismantling of the oil platform in Sèmè after the World Bank feasibility report.