Benin and Denmark have revived their relations of cooperation especially in 1992 with a focus on development activities. The sectors of intervention are many, including: agriculture, transport, education, water, sanitation, governance, democracy, environment, health, road infrastructure, etc.


The financing granted by Denmark to Benin, sometimes together with other donors, have helped to construct numerous infrastructures thanks to the following projects and programs:

  • FCFA 17,189,801,913 were used to finance the Support Programme for Rural Transport Sub-sector (PASTR);
  • FCFA 24,579,115,000 for the Program to support the education sector;
  • FCFA 25,438,596,491 for Support Programs for Governance (PAG) and
  • FCFA 8,333,333,333 for the support program for democracy and gender equality (PADEG);
  • FCFA 43,082,834,153 for the Program to support the development of the water sector and sanitation;
  • FCFA 28,134,606,267 for the Program to support the development of the agricultural sector.

Cooperation between Benin and Denmark has increased over time and has helped to improve living conditions in Benin. This major achievement may be the reason for the decision by Danish Authorities to withdraw Benin from Denmark’s priority countries, to refocus their development aid on fewer countries for efficiency.

Despite this withdrawal by Denmark at the end of 2013, Benin has maintained its Embassy in the Nordic countries with residence in Copenhagen, in an effort to develop a new dimension of cooperation focused on public-private partnership with the Danish private sector and the increased involvement of Danish NGOs to support local development in Benin.